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Implanted (2013)

Implanted (2013)

Metai: 2013

Žanras: Dramos / Mistiniai / Trileriai

Kalba: Anglų

Trukmė: 1h25min.

Režisavo: Thomas Verrette

Vaidina: Justice Leak, Robert Pralgo, Elizabeth Keener, Jason Turner, Deborah Childs

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Displaced from reality after a near-fatal accident, Ethan Galloway (Justin Leak, The Great Debaters) struggles with what is real and what isn't after his brilliant neurologist father (Robert Pralgo, The Blind Side, The Joneses) uses an experimental medical procedure to save his son's life, but the side-effects turn out to be much greater than either could have imagined.

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Тagai: Implanted
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